Successful Cat Litter Training Guide: Part 1

Date Posted: 10/10/2016

Cat has a natural instinct to eliminate waste in sand or soil, and kittens also learn from observing their mother, but hand raised kitten or recently adopted cat may not know how to use a litter tray. Also, even some well-trained cat may seem to relieve itself outside of the litter tray. The reason of it may vary from medical issue to preferences (They just decide that the litter tray is dirty and smelly and they do not like it /= ). Anyway, whether you are training a new cat or retraining your long-time cat to use litter box, these few simple tips may come in handy. So now, enjoy it.

Firstly, you are required to choose the most appropriate litter tray for your cat. There are variety of cat litter tray available in the market. With cover or without cover, large or small, and low sides or high sides. It is actually depend on the preferences of your cat. Some cat prefer to have more privacy then go for the covered one, while some doesn't like due to lack of space. For the size, it is always better to go for the large one than the small one so that your cat will have more space to turn around inside the tray and will not feel so packed. Another thing to consider is, if your cats are still small or too old, you may want to go with the low sides so that he will be able to enter and exit the litter tray without much difficulties.

After getting a suitable cat litter tray. Now you may want to have more than one cat tray around your house. This is because if you have more than one cat then you probably should get more than one litter tray. Also, some experts also recommended that you have at least one litter tray per cat in the house.

About the location of litter tray, you may want to put it at a place that is more accessible and convenient so that your cat won't go around finding the tray when he want to relieve. Also, do not set up the tray near dining area and put it at a quiet, undisturbed and low-trafficked area.

After that, choose the right litter wisely. Basically, there are three categories of cat litter available in the market, that is bentonite (natural clay), silica crystal and plant fibre. Each of these cat litter has their own pros and cons. Owners should choose it wisely based on the needs and preference of their cats.

Also, use the right amount of litter. Too much or too little amount of cat litter may pose some problems to you. So the best way to know the appropriate amount of cat litter is by observing your cat's litter box habits to see whether you should adjust the level up or down. Besides, other aspects such as cost, odour control, and health consequences should be taken into consideration as well. For some of the high-end cat litter products maybe costly, but the water absorption rate is much more higher and is better in controlling odour smell. But, for the value brand, it may pose some health issues to cat such as irritation of skin or poisoning.

So, that's all for the first part of "Successful Cat Litter Training". Please continue to support us for the part 2! Stay tuned!

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