Tank Cleaning - The Easy Way

Date Posted: 10/10/2016

After a hectic week of working, we have more to do than resting and hanging out with friends. We must take care of our pets and this is the perfect time to clean our fish tank.

Fishes are autonomous pets that can live for a few days without us. However, not their tank. A fish tank is more than a simple glass container filled with water. A fish tank is a window to a living world, to an underwater micro habitat. So, a clean fish tank is very important.

First, take out around 10% to 20% of water. The glass walls should be cleaned from algae by using a scraper. This step can be done before or after you take out the water. Besides, the bottom of tank must be syphoned using vacuum cleaner that eliminates dead leaves and the brown sediment that deposits on the bottom.

Use algae pad or soft-bristled toothbrush to clean the decoration. If you face any difficulties in cleaning the decoration, you can soak it in 10% bleach for 15 minutes then pour hot water on it and let it dry. Pleco can also helps to prevent algae overgrow

After that, fresh or treated water with optimum temperature should be added slowly to the tank to ensure the survival of fish. A thermometer can be used to monitor water temperature. After adding water, you can use Tensiongon to treat the water. Tensiongon can remove chlorine, choloramine, heavy metal and neutralize ammonia in the water. As we know, good bacteria is essential in an aquarium tank. So you can introduce JBL Denitrol as bacteria starter to your tank. Denitrol can detoxifies water and breakdown proteins (heterotropic bacteria), ammonium and nitrate in the water. However, take note that first fish can only be introduced 24 or 48 hours after application of JBL Denitrol.

After finish adding water, monitor your tank for an hours to wait for cloudiness to dissipate, leaving a sparkling blue crystal water.

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